On September 16 2016, 11 year old Peanut came into The Cat Clinic for his exam. He was very thin with evidence of muscle wasting. Bloodwork results that came back the next day showed that, in addition to having a very high blood glucose level, one of his kidney enzymes was also slightly elevated and he had a very high total white blood cell count indicating infection. We had the owners bring him back later that day for us to give him an antibiotic and to teach them how to administer insulin injections.

After being on a starting dose of insulin, Peanut came back to the Cat Clinic for a recheck on Sept. 23. He had already gained a few ounces and was reported by his owners to be feeling better. His blood glucose level was still very high, so we increased his insulin dose and scheduled another recheck for Sept. 30. Peanut will still require a number of rechecks to determine his appropriate dose of insulin. Once stabilized, he will need rechecks at least every 3 months to be sure in diabetic condition remains well controlled.

The same day Dr Toumayan saw Peanut for his initial exam, another client of hers who recently had to euthanize their elderly diabetic cat brought in his leftover insulin so she was able to give this to Peanut. Another client had also donated some prescription food to help with the management of diabetes, and we also gave this to Peanut. When leaving the clinic the first day, the owner of a patient that was in the next room overheard some of the conversation about Peanut and made a $100 cash donation to the Alice Fund to be earmarked specifically to help with his care.

Peanut’s balance at the Cat Clinic, after all contributions from strangers and before Alice Fund discounts were applied, was $328.59. Peanuts owners treat him as if he were their child, and they have been effusive with their thanks for the help the Alice Fund has brought them so far.