It all started when...

Named in honor of a feral cat named Alice, the Alice Fund started in 2008 as a simple donation jar on the front desk of the Cat Clinic of Chattanooga. In 2014 The Alice Fund received 501(c)3 status.

Many veterinary practices encounter situations where pet owners want to provide medical care for their animals but have limited finances. It may be a cat owner whose pet becomes ill or a feeder of free-roaming cats who sees that a member of the colony is hurt. Or maybe it is a Good Samaritan who finds an injured kitten by the side of the road.

For people with limited resources, however, the cost of veterinary services can become so burdensome or prohibitive that they may not seek care the cat needs.

The mission of the Alice Fund is to help provide medical care and supplies to cats whose owners and caregivers would otherwise lack the resources to access such care. By accepting donations from generous animal lovers, the Alice Fund gives contributors a way to extend their love for cats to those in need.